Birthwrong 2015

Birthwrong 2015: Andalusia
April 30 – May 4

The Old Synagogue in Cordoba

Thursday: Fly or hitch-hike into Sevilla, where we’ll meet up, party it up and stay the night.

Friday: Celebrating May Day in Sevilla with comrades. We’ll end the day in the Jewish quarter to make Kabbalat Shabbat with Beit Rambam, Andalusia’s progressive Jewish community.

Saturday: On the way to Cordoba, we’ll stop at Marinaleda, a communist insurgent village in Andalusia. In Cordoba, we’ll do a hammam and take a tour of the area. Saturday night we’ll make Havdallah in the traditional way (ie, wicked party).

Sunday: We’ll see Maimonides’s statue, visit the Jewish museum and the mosque, see some sites of Jewish women’s history, explore the Golden Age’s homoerotic rabbis and dance away in the Ladino Music Centre.

Monday: A tour of Spanish Civil War sites. Did you know Jews made up a quarter of international volunteers in the war to defeat Franco? Annie does, and she’s going to give us a tour of their lives.

Monday afternoon: Return to Sevilla, where you can catch a flight home or stick around for another night in the city.

Communist Party of Andalusia offices. We’ll be visiting a Communist village and taking a tour about Jewish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War.