What is BirthWrong?

BirthWrong is a trip for anyone who’s sick of Israel’s stranglehold on Jewish culture and wants to get away on a raucous holiday in the south of France – Marseille, home of 1,000+ years of Jewish life. We’ll do plenty of cultural stuff, party, pray, dance, sing, chat and make bonds that will last a lifetime.

Don’t worry if you don’t pray. Plenty of people won’t be either.

Don’t worry if you don’t drink. You can always do MDMA. Or chill out a museum or coffeehouse – there will be plenty non-partiers along.

When is it?

Join us for a fantastic journey through Jewish Marseille in 2017, from Friday April 28 – Monday 1 May.

Rosh Chodesh is the new moon festival, May Day is the historic workers’ festival, so join us for this great fiesta of the oppressed, marginalised and ridiculously, obscenely hopeful.

How much is this going to cost?

The standard cost for adults and young people aged 13+ is £55. We can offer reduced costs for kids under 13. There are 1-2 free/subsidised places for people on very low incomes. If you have a good income and would like to pay more than £55, you will help us to subsidise more places.

So, I can bring my kids/attend if I’m under 18?

Yes, but this is not summer camp – anyone under 18 will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. The organisers can’t take responsibility for childcare.

Unfortunately, we can’t subsidise anyone’s travel this time round, but we’re applying for grants to make the trip free next year. (In the meantime, we recommend trying to convince your synagogue chair or grandmother that it’s a serious important thing.)

When does registration close?

Probably in a few days – we just opened yesterday and have already had a deluge of applicants. We’re working mostly on a first come first served basis so once our 30 places are gone that’s it. We predict that we will be full in one or two weeks so email us ASAP!

Email birthwrongmarseille@gmail.com with (1) a bit about yourself, (2) what you think you’ll get out of the trip, and (3) who is the sexist prophet and why.

Is this a joke?

No. This is a real trip that is seriously happening, with real people (including hopefully YOU!) going to France, a place that actually exists. We went to Spain in 2015 and it was astonishingly great.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply! You’ll arrange your own travel to France so it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from. All levels of Jews and goyim are welcome.

Can I come if I have access requirements / restricted mobility?

Yes absolutely! We’re incorporating access needs into our activities and accommodation, and our application has questions about access to make sure that we can take everyone’s needs into account, whether physical, mental or otherwise. We aim to be as accessible as possible: there will be at least one wheelchair-accessible and one child-friendly place of accommodation.

Any other questions?

Email birthwrongmarseille@gmail.com!