“BirthWrong is probably the pinnacle of all human achievement. Everyone who’s anyone will be there.”– Babylonian Talmud, 20:15

I stood on a rock in a high place, and heard a voice on the wind, weeping.

“Why are you weeping?” I asked.

“Because I heard Birthwrong 2015 in Andalusia was totally bangin’, but I didn’t get to go,” said the bat kol.

“Is that all? Because I’ve got news for you…

Marseille, 2017. April 28 – May 1.



  • Service at the Great Synagogue
  • Traditional May Day sardines (including vegan sardines*)
  • Wine on the beach
  • Havdallah on the beach (with more wine)
  • Hiking in the hills
  • Wine in the hills
  • Tour of local working-class and Jewish history (and sometimes…WORKING CLASS JEWISH HISTORY?)
  • Community activism workshop
  • really just so much wine

*to be confirmed

To apply, email birthwrongmarseille@gmail.com with the following three things:

  1. A bit about yourself
  2. What you think you’ll get out of Birthwrong
  3. Who is the sexiest prophet, and why

We’re mostly deciding on a first come first serve basis, and the last Birthwrong filled up in less than a week. So get your applications in soon!